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Using Swish Analytics' Tools
Wondering how our models are able to produce such profitable picks & accurate predictions? Take a look into how it all works & how to best utilize our long-term sports betting strategy.
Our Framework
Proprietary Dataset
We have built an extremely deep and detailed set of sports data covering historical and real-time results. The core of our system is built on a clean and flexible infrastructure.
Intelligent Algorithms
We build accurate prediction engines through an iterative process. Each of our 100+ models is the work of millions of tests. We aim to be efficient and effective with every test cycle our models go through.
Computing Power
We leverage the best technologies available to drive our systems. Our infrastructure is built on large-scale cloud computing tools and the most powerful processing machines in the world.
Familiarize Yourself with Our Predictions
Our system delivers predictions and betting recommendations for each of the three main bet types (Money Line, Spread & Over/Under) for every NFL & NBA game. Below is an example of the picks you will see for each game:
How our picks work

Each pick is produced separately by our algorithms.

That means that the pick for one bet type has no bearing on the prediction for any other bet type. For example, just because our models highlight a bet on the underdog as a 3-star pick does not mean that a spread pick on that same team will receive a 3-star or higher rating.

Should the spread and money-line picks not match up, look to the star rankings for the best bet to be made. For example, if we recommend a money line bet on the underdog but a spread bet on the favorite (two bets that are incongruous with one another), we recommend betting on the pick with the higher star rating.

The following is a breakdown of each variable displayed above:

This is the Betting Line (Money Line, Spread, or Point Total) that our recommendation is based off of. If the line you are being given is different than this line, our recommenadtion would change accordingly.
This is the logo of the team we are recommending to bet on for Money Line or Spread picks.
This is our betting recommendation for the point total. This is calculated by combining our projected point totals for each team and comparing them to the Vegas lines.
Star Rating
Stars represent our confidence in each betting recommendation, and the likelihood that the bet will win.
  • Picks with higher Star Ratings are more likely to win.
  • Picks with lower Star Ratings are less likely to win.
  • 3 Steps to Successfully Utilizing Swish's Betting Tools

    At Swish, we believe that deliberate, temperate & diligent betting leads to sustainable profit in the long term. Sports betting is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme, and if treated as such, quickly becomes a 'lose-lots-of-money-quick' scheme.

    We understand that for many, sports betting is a way to increase excitement for a given sporting event, and as such, long-term profit possibility is secondary to the adrenaline rush provided by a last minute pick-6 that helps the team you bet on cover the spread. However, if treated as an investment vehicle, long-term profit is achievable with a smart, systematic betting & bankroll management process in place.

    Establish Your Bankroll

    As with any investment, the first step is determining how much you're willing to set aside to invest over the course of a given year so you're not gambling with money you cannot afford to lose. As with any investment, there is risk involved with sports betting, but by setting & sticking to your bankroll, that risk is limited.

    For the sake of ease, all calculations & figures below will be based on a bankroll of $1000.

    Establish your Risk Profile

    Large or small, managing your bankroll properly is the key to a successful long-term betting strategy, and the first step in doing so is determining just how much of your bankroll you're willing to risk on any given day/week. Our system is designed, tested rigorously & constantly improved to provide an expected ROI of between 5-10% year over year, so regardless of your risk level, profit is to be expected, but your risk profile determines just how much money you have to bet week to week.

    We at Swish recommend 5% as a sensible figure to risk, but more high risk individuals might consider 10%, while low-risk individuals might consider 2%. Regardless, it is once again important to identify the percentage you're comfortable risking weekly and stick to it; don't chase wins or losses by increasing your risk.

    Using our $1000 bankroll, we'd recommend risking 5%, or $50 each week.

    Establishing your Betting Unit & Looking to the Stars

    Your unit is the base bet you place on any given wager. In our example, we've established $1 as our unit. 5 units would equal $5, and so forth. To maximize your ROI, we recommend betting on all recommended picks in unit amounts equal to the star ratings; this means that a 5-star pick would receive 5 units while a 1-star pick would only receive 1 unit.

    Our testing has revealed this to be the most profitable strategy since it mitigates the risk of lower-rated picks while allowing for greater diversification and more opportunities for successful wagers.

    Benefits of the Swish Betting System

    By utilizing our picks and the strategy outlined above, you'll not only be able to spread your risk out over a huge number of picks throughout the course of a season, but also take advantage of the fact that your bankroll will compound daily, meaning that even if you wager the same percentage of your bankroll each day (say the 5% from our example), your bankroll would continue to grow, allowing you to profit more each day without ever increasing the percent you're risking day after day.

    It is once again important to note that this is a long-term betting strategy. 95% of sports bettors lose money, and most do so because they overexpose themselves with a couple big bets. We are not in the business of providing thrilling, one-time predictions. Our system is built to deliver profits over the course of a year or season. This requires diligence, patience, restraint and trust. We believe in the power of data and probabilities, not emotion and human bias. If you can successfully subscribe to our betting framework, you'll position yourself to benefit from a return on investment within the 5-10% over the course of a season, as we never release a tool that doesn't meet that minimum benchmark of return. Our historical performance can be found here.