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NFL Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimization    |    February 3rd, 2019    |    How To Use

NFL Lineup Optimizer

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The Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer exists for one reason: to build you the perfect optimized daily fantasy lineup, all to your exact specifications. Want to avoid players from a specific game, build your lineup around certain players or prioritize certain positions? With our optimizer, you can, and that's only the beginning!

The Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer works by allowing you to effortlessly and intuitively input those factors, players, teams and more that you emphasize when constructing your daily fantasy lineups. Once selected, the optimizer goes to work producing the best possible lineup for you.

  • Begin by selecting the daily fantasy site you wish to optimize for by selecting the appropriate option for FanDuel or DraftKings.
  • Under the "All Games" tab, you can de-select those games (and their corresponding players) that you do not wish to include in your lineup so you appropriately reflect the available games for All Day, Turbo and Late Night games.
  • Using the "Risk Range", "Value Range" and "Salary Range" sliders, you can limit the player pool further by excluding those players who do not fall within your desired range for either Risk or projected Value.
  • Only want to optimize with players who are officially starting? Great! You can remove players who are not officially starting by clicking the Remove Unofficial Players () button. Be weary though; using this early in the day will remove most position players from the pool with official starting lineups yet to be announced.
  • As you set your parameters, the available player pool updates live to reflect the players to be include in your optimization. Within the player pool, you can sort by position, salary, projected points, Value score and Risk score. You can then either select the specific players you wish to lock into your lineup using the () button or add them to your Excluded Players list below using the () button. Excluded players are removed from the player pool and can either be manually added back in with the () button or by pressing the Clear Filters button.
  • Locked Players (represented by a ) will ALWAYS be considered in your Optimization, and will stay in your Lineup regardless of filters, clearing all players, etc.
  • To remove a locked player from your lineup, click the .
  • That's it! Simply press the Optimize Button () and let the Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer do the rest. Your personalized optimized lineup will reflect in the My Lineup table, where you can see both the Projected Total points for your lineup and your Remaining Salary as well as the average Risk and Value score for your current lineup.
  • Update a player's point projections by clicking on the icon and entering a new value (3 digits max, under 100). This will update the points projections and value for that player (Anything over 100 will default to 99.9 points). To reset all of these values, click the Reset Player Stats button.
  • Don't like you're lineup? No problem; just exclude or remove those players with the button you do not want and press the Optimize button again to produce a new lineup quick and easy. It's that simple!
  • If you want to start over, simply click the Clear Lineup () or Clear Filters () buttons and begin again.
  • To increase lineup variety without editing individual player exposures, try adjusting the Exposure Randomization to randomly apply an exposure value within certain limits to every individual player where 0 = no exposure randomness and 10 = maximum exposure randomness.

Surround a Star

Select the Star(s) you just HAVE to have tonight and let OPTIMUS do the rest


Value Catchers more than Outfielders? No worries, OPTIMUS can handle that too.

Find "the One"

Can't find that perfect last player? OPTIMUS will finish the job.

Mix & Match

Play around in the OPTIMUS sandbox and find the perfectly balanced lineup.

Players Considered

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All Games
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O/U {{::game.current_line}}
Number of Lineups
/ 20
Exposure Randomization
/ 10
Optimization Strategy
Projected Ceiling Floor

Standard Optimization: Construct a lineup with the highest projected point total, regardless of risk.

Ceiling Optimization: Prioritizes players with the highest variability to maximize your lineup's point ceiling for Tournaments.

Floor Optimization: Prioritizes the most consistent performers to minimize risk & provide the highest possible minimum score for H2Hs & 50/50s.

Risk Scores
Salary Range
Value Range
Injury Filters

Click the checkboxes above to remove players with the specified injury/availability status from your player pool.

Team Points
Player Salary {{optimus.showStatName}}
{{::player.player_name}} {{::player.injury | uppercase}} | {{::player.depth_chart_status | uppercase}}
{{player.salary | currency:"$":0}} {{player[optimus.currentSiteAbbr+'_fpts'] | number:2}}
{{player.value}} {{player['proj_floor_'+optimus.currentSiteAbbr] | number:2}} {{player['proj_ceiling_'+optimus.currentSiteAbbr] | number:2}} {{::player.risk | number:1}} {{::player.exposure_percent}}%
No More Players to Show
Player Salary Points
{{::player.salary | currency:"$":0}} {{::player[optimus.currentSiteAbbr+'_fpts'] | number:2}}
My Lineups ({{optimus.lineupNumber}}/{{optimus.totalLineups}})

{{optimus.remainingPerPlayer | currency:"$":0}}

Remaining per Player
Rem. / Player

{{optimus.salaryRemaining | currency:"$":0}}

Salary Remaining
Salary Rem.


Projected Points
Proj. Points
Player Salary {{optimus.showStatInLineupName}}
{{lu_player.player_name}} {{lu_player.injury | uppercase}} | {{lu_player.depth_chart_status | uppercase}}
{{lu_player.salary | currency:"$":0}} {{lu_player.points | number:2}} {{lu_player.risk_4 | number:2}} {{lu_player.risk_1 | number:2}} {{lu_player.value | number:2}}

Excluded Players


Player Salary Points
{{player[optimus.currentSiteAbbr+'_salary'] | currency:"$":0}} {{player[optimus.currentSiteAbbr+'_fpts'] | number:2}}